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Sheila looks downcast. All Hein ever drinks is water. Would you mind telling me where you got this? Good, but you can do better. Kolkka has been flirting with Bertrand all night. I'll sue you so fast it'll make your head spin. Spanish is spoken in many countries. Let's stay home and watch TV. To me, there aren't any fundamental differences between the cultures of these two countries. Shyam thinks he's a big shot.

This really ticks me off! We've been close friends for many years.

The French are our friends. It said that people could not play football in the future and that anyone who broke this law would be sent to prison. I want you to leave my family alone. What's your favorite scene from the show? Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. He walked two miles in half an hour.

The tall woman is listening to the brown horse. Jean eats a banana. They were on vacation last July. He is on the varsity in tennis and in debating. He took her aside and told her the news.

It is important to brush ones teeth every day. Sorry, but I've been a little busy. He threw in the towel in defeat when his favorite chorus girl married another man. He's a bit older than me. The boy's father entered the water and tried in vain to grab him from the alligator's jaws. A spectrometer uses light to identify the chemical composition of matter. Alison put his hand out to stop Kristi. I asked them to describe it. All of us stared at her.

Panacea never lies. Win didn't struggle. I thank you. The Siberian Tiger is on the verge of the crisis of extermination. Who's your lawyer? I don't care if you help me or not.

My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for! Yesterday she smiled at me.

I don't think it'll work. He has a brother who lives in Tokyo. Our car is being repaired at the auto shop. She works as an au pair in Germany. Let's introduce ourselves to the immigration office. Let's give them a little time.

She only buys second-hand clothing. Rupert doesn't know for certain when Devon will arrive. She's losing her looks. I will start work soon.

It has taken forty-six years to build this temple. I know, as we're going for a walk we could go along the forest path and to the forest mini-valley or something? The monument was set up in the park. I will get that classic car at all costs. He's very honest, so we can depend on him. Marci painted a picture of his mother.

Uhuh, you do not believe it? The minimum wage is $2.13 an hour.

Ursula's outburst was rather unbusinesslike. Please include lots of small change. We are looking for a nice house to live in. The school is a half-mile walk from my house. Why must you tease me? Benefits accrue to the community from reconstruction. Why are you hiding behind the door? My father visited my uncle in the hospital. I was having a bath when the phone rang. I'll have my eggs sunny side up.

I need to find somebody who can help us. Let me check the system here. You certainly made an impression on Sharan. Bertrand was cheating on his wife.

I think you ought to get a little sleep. I want to reserve a first-class stateroom. We want you to have fun. Yesterday we interviewed some tourists from all over the world. I can't take my eyes off him. Who's replacing you? May I have your name and room number, please? Do you have a mental health problem? You're always following me around. You're an adult so be more independent. She fooled me into giving her the money.

Dan didn't even write a letter to Linda.

They chose Peter as captain. You're not thinking clearly.