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He went skiing in Hokkaido. Sumitro isn't so kind, is he?

The party set out for Kobe. I'd like to ask you about him. Jiro advised me on which book to buy.

They went out. I can't allow that to happen. Belinda climbed down the fire escape. He was wearing a hat.

The men went hunting for lions. I'm calling to tell you what I need. Did you see any footprints? We're going to go back to basics. At night, when the husband came home, he found his wife lying dead upon the ground, her body all swollen and disfigured, but the girl was nowhere to be seen. Ricardo earns three times as much as me. Am I pronouncing your name correctly? Not every problem has an immediate solution. Vassos has a hunch.

Jocelyn Bell was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. Her father was an architect who loved to read. Jocelyn would often borrow her father's books. Through her reading, Jocelyn became interested in astronomy. You've got three weeks. You should not mope all day in your rooms, but should come out into the green garden, and hear the birds sing with joy among the trees, and see the butterflies fluttering above the flowers, and hear the bees and insects hum, and watch the sunbeams chase the dew-drops through the rose-leaves and in the lily-cups. Jeanette just got home a few minutes ago. I drove all the way from Boston. Did you find that on the internet? Triantaphyllos was arrested last week. Is there a haunted house in this village?

Who did the survey?

I think we can avoid that. I don't think we have any choice. Size does matter. We're still waiting for an answer. Hume didn't intend to let Charles kiss him. Matti died to save your life.

That was pretty good. Laurence was scared of Chip. I think we should go take a look.

We feel hungry. Have you met Taurus's new girlfriend? They made him do the work again. I strongly advise you to reconsider. This quenched my hope. This check was not honored.

Change the flag. We didn't mean to leave Shari out of the plan. Yes, master.

"The castle is haunted," he said with a shiver. That's the hardest part. I wasn't told a thing about it. Earl is a talented artist. All of us try to be what none of us couldn't be except when some of us were what the rest of us desired. I can't do it anymore. I resolved I would do my best. The task assigned to him was to do marketing research. Saumya and Gale sat on the bench, watching people swim.

He seems sick. Kathy followed Delbert's car across the streets of Boston. The entire crew was afflicted with food poisoning. My mother bought me a new bicycle. Tanaka plays the piano well. Liisa's father believed his daughter needed basic survival instincts. Ben made Clarence wash his car. Heidi's birthday is March 25th. Machines that his company produces are superior to ours.

The weather is turning nasty. Solar power is environmentally friendly. Jane had her hair cut short before the athletic meet. I don't care about him anymore.

You are ten times better looking than I am. Who did Ning bring with him? He's a bit pasty. I never got to do stuff like this in Boston. I do not cut their hair. Vitya is looking at the map of Russia on the wall. In the end, he landed in jail. I ate until I couldn't eat any more. I was stuffed to the gills. Beth is unqualified for such a responsible post.